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Precision slit strip

Hempel Firmus Metals our service centre in the North of England, from here we supply globally to a diverse array of industries that require high quality material slit to a tight tolerance, supplied to exact specifications. 
We slit nickel alloys, stainless steel and titanium material to individual customer requirements, according to precision tolerances. Supplying the finished product in coil (pancake) form or oscillate (traverse) wound on spools. We have the capability to slit 0.1mm thickness upto 2mm, with widths from 1.98mm upto 610mm. Material is supplied with either a standard slit edge or can be deburred and safety edge dressed. Our precision coils can be print marked with customer specified details to aid material traceability and identification. 
We carry precision coils in the whole of the Hempel Special Metals range of materials

Lars Wünnenberg
Lars Wünnenberg
Sales Manager
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Product Count

Coil (16)

Coil Coil 1.4303 - 305
Coil Coil 1.4310 - 301
Coil Coil 1.4406 - 316LN
Coil Coil 1.4521 - 444
Coil Coil 1.4535

Coil slit strip (17)

Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4303 - 305
Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4310 - 301
Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4411
Coil slit strip Coil slit strip 1.4567 - 304Cu